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DHA and EPA Blend Capsules

Founder's Message

Carson Life is a US based, women and minority owned Company that makes 'being healthy' part of your everyday life. As Founder, I assure you that our made in the USA natural health and beauty products will allow you to start living a healthier lifestyle today!

DHA and EPA Blend Capsules

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Carson Life's mission is to help you reach of fulfilled life through the integration of your mind and your body. How do you achieve this? Through the use of our 100% natural products. We are dedicated to health and our objective is clear: provide the tools so that you may live a full life. Carson Life DHA EPA softgels provide the nutrients that are essential to help your body support proper eye and brain health. DHA and EPA can be important for people of all ages. These nutrients can also help to support proper skin health and can help your body maintain proper energy levels
  • Carson Life DHA and EPA Softgels naturally help to support proper brain functions of adults and children
  • Taking DHA EPA can help support proper brain health as we get older and our bodies do not produce as much naturally
  • DHA EPA can also support skin health, act as a source of energy and can help prevent heat loss
  • These softgels help to provide you with a natural source of DHA which is essential for eye health

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