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Repair Your Hair With Coconut Oil!

Posted by Carson Life on

Did you know that coconut is one of the most popular ingredients used in beauty products in the market? Its natural characteristics in all its forms (water, pulp and oil) help us to maintain a youthful and radiant appearance, it’s a very powerful moisturizer and it improves the elasticity of skin and hair.


At Carson Life we ​​have developed a five-step hair repair kit that takes advantage of the healing properties of coconut to repair battered hair. Even if you use the blower to dry your hair, our system helps maintain the natural beauty and health of the hair during the day.

The five steps of the kit includes an Intensive Repair Shampoo (Step 1), which protects your hair even if it is treated with color; A Nourishing Conditioner (Step 2), which feeds your hair; leaving it silky and creamy.


Step 3 of the system is key, it is the Conditioner Without Rinse, which comes in cream and spray presentation, incredibly effective in the process of maintaining the natural beauty of your hair during the day. Especially if you use the blower to dry your hair.


Our exclusive system completes the repair of damaged hair with steps 4 and 5, the Mask that restores the damage accumulated by coloring the hair and protects it from external contaminants, and the Radiant Sealer, a cream that helps to heal the split ends while giving your hair wonderful shine.


All these healing properties of coconut, along with olive oil, Amla oils and shea butter, in a system that we’ve made available wherever you are, it’s now available in all Walmart stores in the United States.

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